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Modelling solutions for the retail market

We help institutional, retail investors and advisors understand how uncertainty in financial markets can impact their financial plans and enable improved decision-making. Our focus is clear; we believe effective risk management is core to our client’s businesses, and we build the best stochastic models and calibrations of the financial markets, and deliver these to clients in an easy-to-use, cost effective way.

In the retail sector, our clients benefit from award-winning modelling quality and reliability, proven by the world’s largest risk management institutions. We know where our core strengths, capabilities and expertise lie. Clients respect our impartiality, and have come to know that we will offer them the solution that is right for their particular problem. If we can’t do this, we don’t take the job.

This core risk modelling capability has been packaged into a wide range of retail services, which are now used by a wide range of leading retail market clients across the advisory, banking and insurance sectors, including HSBC, Lloyds, Tenet, Vanguard, Standard Life, and AVIVA.

We also work with a range of system partners to integrate our modelling technology into a wide range of point of sale, transaction and advice platforms, including FNZ, Focus Solutions, Capita Financial Software, and Intelliflo.

Latest news:

Barrie & Hibbert launch new tool to support drawdown review

Market volatility, low interest rates and increased longevity are impacting drawdown income levels. Barrie & Hibbert’s new Drawdown Review Analyser helps advisors present the options to retirement customers, and deliver a valued and efficient drawdown review service.

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Barrie & Hibbert develop new solution to support retirement planning

Barrie & Hibbert have developed a financial planning solution designed specifically to help advisors and investors build sustainable retirement income plans. The tool helps users assess the different product and investment options, to understand how these can best be used to meet client needs and manage risk.

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AVIVA launch ‘Time to Act’ pension planning app

AVIVA have recently deployed their Time to Act planning tool via an iPhone app to make pensions planning simpler and more accessible. The tool embeds Barrie & Hibbert’s Wealth Scenario Generator stochastic projection, enabling customers to see how income the plan may generate in future, and to assess whether their pension savings plan remains on track.

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Investment Suitability

The FSA has set out clearer and more demanding guidelines for assessing investment suitability.

Following consultation with the FSA, we have developed enhanced solutions to help our clients meet the demands of this new regulation.

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