Property & Casualty Insurance

Demands for more sophisticated Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and evolving regulatory requirements like Solvency II or the NAIC Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) are motivating P&C insurers and reinsurers to develop financial models to better assess risk and capital requirements.Whether driven by regulation, ratings agency pressure, or simply a desire to improve business management and decision-making, Property & Casualty insurers increasingly need to better measure the risk in their asset portfolios and economic risks in their liabilities, alongside other insurance risks.

Assessing economic and regulatory capital is a core requirement of the P&C insurance business. Today, P&C insurers and reinsurers are increasingly relying on Moody's Analytics flexible and cutting-edge products for an integrated assessment of financial market and economic risks.


View the asset risks alongside the economic risks that impact liabilities
View the asset risks alongside the economic risks that impact liabilities




Allowing you to understand and take control of your risks

The Economic Scenario Generator (ESG) is the engine behind our global P&C products and services, providing the framework that allows firms to measure and manage market and economic risks, by projecting a large number of forward-looking scenarios across a wide range of economic and financial risk factors across 29 economies and multiple asset classes.

The Moody's Analytics P&C solutions are available via a software installation, or as a managed scenario-delivery service. A partnership with Moody's Analytics will deliver the right risk solution for your organisation, together with the support, training and knowledge transfer to help you transform the capabilities of your risk measurement and management functions and make better informed business decisions.