Defined Benefit Pensions

Defined Benefit Pensions

Investment advisors are challenged to help pension fund trustees and corporate sponsors achieve their investment objectives in the face of economic uncertainty and volatile markets.  Understanding the risk exposures of the scheme and how they are rewarded enables advisors to formulate asset allocation and funding strategies that together deliver the best financial outcomes for all stakeholders.

Providers such as asset managers need to demonstrate how their product and service offerings can make a cost effective contribution to the realisation of investment objectives.

Tools to Measure and Manage Pension Fund Risk  

Defined Benefit Cash flow

The Pension Suite is a set of software tools to help stakeholders in pension scheme management measure risk and reward, design investment strategies and investigate funding solutions to secure scheme investment objectives.

The functionality has been developed to help meet a variety of challenges including: strategic asset allocation, journey plan design leading to self-sufficiency or buy-out readiness,  investigating  LDI solutions for a large complex scheme.  The Pension Suite provides the appropriate tools to  address a wide range of issues for the widest range of schemes.