Asset Management

Driven by regulators, rating agencies, or a demand for best practices in investment solution design, asset allocation, and risk management, asset managers are facing an ever greater requirement for modelling capabilities.

Our suite of analytic solutions is built around our economic research and scenario modelling capabilities. It enables asset managers to build better investment solutions, where the measurement and management of risk depends on client-specific cash flows and liabilities. A flexible modelling framework provides coverage of a comprehensive range of assets, client liabilities, and risk management strategies.

Our modelling framework supports all elements of the investment process. Allowing our clients to exploit their specialist investment expertise consistently throughout the investment design and advisory process.

Modelling options allow our clients complete control and transparency in the economic assumptions embedded in their investment process, by blending their own in-house economic views onto Moody’s Analytics fully documented “best views” model calibrations.

Investment professionals benefit from being able to:

  • Project assets, portfolios, and investment strategies over multiple time-steps.
  • Model assets and liabilities: project investment strategy alongside client cash flows and liabilities.
  • Capture all financial risks in investment solution design: interest rates, inflation, FX, volatility.
  • Comprehensive asset class coverage: including fixed income, credit, equity, property, and alternatives.
  • Support more reliable asset allocation and portfolio construction.